AppRiver Is Ready To Help Nonprofits Upgrade Technology


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AppRiver Is Ready To Help Nonprofits Upgrade Technology

Teresa Zwierzchowski

New York, April 6, 2018 – No one knows the struggles of belt-tightening and working with stagnant budgets more than nonprofits. Often, they are faced with hard decisions about how to allocate their limited funds, and many times that means cutting money that could be used to upgrade technology – technology that could, in turn, help save them more money over the long-term.

A leading cloud cybersecurity and productivity provider, AppRiver is stepping up to help them break that pattern. In partnership with Microsoft Philanthropies, AppRiver will offer substantial discounts on Office 365 packages to nonprofits and deliver those Microsoft cloud solutions through its trademark Phenomenal Care® and network of skilled managed service partners.

"AppRiver offers unique advantages for nonprofits that are embracing cloud technology said Scott Paul, senior director of AppRiver’s Microsoft Alliance. “In addition to discounted pricing, we provide a level of expertise that many charitable organizations don’t have in-house. Along with Microsoft Philanthropies, we're excited to bring modern nonprofit workplace solutions to our clients and partners through the Technology for Social Impact initiative."

AppRiver and Microsoft understand that as the need for security, business intelligence and data control increases, nonprofits are challenged to extract more value and impact from operating budgets than ever. And while modern workplace technologies can help nonprofits expand their missions and reach, most will need the help of cloud experts to put those tools to work in their organizations.

AppRiver, Microsoft leading cloud revolution

Partnered for more than a decade, AppRiver and Microsoft have helped lead the cloud revolution by bringing new digital solutions to more than 30,000 jointly served business customers and more than half a million end users.

With time and budgets always in short supply, nonprofit organizations need to find ways to save on both while still doing their best work. Microsoft Office 365 from AppRiver can help.

Here’s how:

Do more, anywhere, from any device. The messaging, collaboration and productivity tools your team needs and knows, plus new insights powered by Azure and AI. Security comes standard. The right tools to upgrade cybersecurity and compliance today and stay ahead of new threats and regulations down the road. Less managing IT, more doing good. Simplified service and user management and rapid, expert assistance means fewer distractions and less time away from your mission.

For more information on AppRiver’s commitment to helping nonprofits, CLICK HERE.


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