2016 Malicious Email Traffic Highest on Record


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2016 Malicious Email Traffic Highest on Record

Troy Gill

As the new year gets underway we always take a look back at patterns and trends that we saw throughout the previous year. 2016 was certainly one thing, the most dangerous year on record--from an email perspective of course. In total we quarantined just over 15.5 billion emails containing malware. Any one of these messages could have spelled disaster to the unsuspecting user. Here is a look at the malicious email traffic as we saw it throughout 2016:


This new 'normal' with sheer volume of malicious emails coupled with growing complexity and customization is a trend that we expect to continue in 2017. But rest assured, we will be working around the clock to keep you safe from these threats. You can read more about what happened in 2016 in our upcoming Global Security Report.