Google Docs Phishing Attack Widespread


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Google Docs Phishing Attack Widespread

Troy Gill

Users everywhere should beware of  what appears to be a very widespread phishing attack that was launched just today. Anyone who received an invite to a shared Google docs file today should handle it with kid gloves. Of course, we see phishing attacks happening constantly and ones targeting Google credentials are actually quite common. However, this attack is unique. Unlike most Google phishing attacks that lead to a site unrelated to Google or even cleverly disguised with a few misspellings etc.. this one leads the target to an actual Google page. From there it appears the attackers have created web apps with clever names like  "Google Docs." Once you submit your details, it appears that you have granted the third party app permissions to your account and therefore the attackers have gained access. From here they can launch more of these attacks if they want. If you think you have fallen victim to this attack you should check Google's Sign-in and Security page to see what connected apps have access to your account.

Here is a look at the current version of this attack: