Did Your Password Make the Worst List?


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Did Your Password Make the Worst List?

Teresa Zwierzchowski





Any of those look familiar to you when it comes to your online passwords?

If you answered yes, stop it. Stop it right now.

Earlier this month SplashData released it’s eighth annual list of Worst Passwords of the Year. SplashData, a provider of password management applications, evaluates millions of leaked passwords to determine which ones were most used throughout the year.

For the FIFTH consecutive year, 123456 and password continue to top the list.

The use of the same predictable, easily guessable passwords puts computer users “at substantial risk of being hacked and having their identities stolen,” the blog states. SplashData releases the list in hopes of encouraging computer users to adopt stronger passwords.


To create a strong password, consider doing the following:

Make sure your password is a minimum of 8 characters long – even longer would be ideal Use a mix of letters (upper and lower), numbers and symbols Make sure the password has no ties to your personal information and is not a word that could be found in a dictionary

Other good tips to consider when trying to keep your accounts secure:

Do not reuse passwords for all your accounts. For example if you use the same password for your social media that you do for your bank, and your social media platform experiences a breach, your bank account could be exposed to a breach as well. Never write down your passwords. Never share your password. THE WORST

Here are the top 10 worst passwords of 2018 according to SpashData. For the full list of 100, CLICK HERE.

123456 Password 123456789 12345678 12345 111111 1234567 Sunshine Qwerty iloveyou