Stop Spamming Yourself


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Stop Spamming Yourself

Kristy McDaniel Baia

Are you guilty of spamming yourself? Opting-in for newsletters that you never read, but have too much hope to unsubscribe? Or maybe you “spam” yourself when you’re doing research for work, but have to enter your email address to access it. Do you wish you had a special folder where you could put those newsletters, store discounts, and other emails that deluge your inbox?

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Our SecureTide™ has a “bulkmailer” feature where you can send all of these newsletters, whitepapers, and other emails that clog your inbox to a special folder. Admins can turn on a test to mark these incoming messages with a label of their choosing. Turning this on will cause these messages to be checked against an extra 800 rules based on characteristics these messages typically share, on top of the millions of other rules we already use to test for spam and viruses.

To turn this feature on, your admin needs to log in to the AppRiver Customer Portal and follow the steps in this article:

Once this test has been turned on, any user can follow these steps to create a rule to filter messages with the flag created by their admin:

As always, if you have questions on how to set up the bulkmailer feature, you can contact our Phenomenal Care team 24/7 for assistance.