Is your law firm protecting confidential data?


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Is your law firm protecting confidential data?

Kristy McDaniel Baia

Lawyers instinctively understand that they have a responsibility to protect the confidentiality and privacy of their client’s information.  And, for good reason.  Our free whitepaper on email security in law firms, explains what you need to know and how you can use secure email to win more clients.

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Law firms are increasingly attractive targets for hackers because they can access a treasure trove of client data, intellectual property and pending deals.

In today’s environment, organizations in every industry must have a security program in place that meets relevant legal standards and accepted best practices.  But to be fair, one can almost understand why law firms have been slow to adopt legacy encryption solutions.  Historically, encryption has had a reputation for being difficult to use and deploy.

Thankfully, secure email services have evolved in many ways:

It’s more than just email encryption.  AppRiver’s CipherPost Pro™ protects and impacts much more than email.  It encompasses secure mobile and tablet messaging, secure large file transfer, policy-based encryption, secure web form and automated delivery of secure e-statements.  It’s an integrated strategy for secure communication from any device and any location that replaces a disjointed set of ad-hoc tools that are riddled with security gaps. Multi-layered security. AES-256 encryption is only the starting point. Organizations need greater control over messages and attachments, and most importantly, tools to remediate inevitable user error. CipherPost Pro can provide additional controls such as preventing messages from being forwarded or replied to, password protection of the message and attachments, message recall even after a message has been read, and content filtering to stop mistakes before they happen. Productivity and security. CipherPost Pro can help bring tremendous value by accelerating processes. Real-time tracking enables staff and clients to know exactly when any action has been taken on a message and advance workflows. Being able to send an encrypted large file with a secure message reduces the need to use inefficient mail and courier services. You and your clients will be able to send secure messages from the office, at home using Gmail or, at the airport on an unsecure network or while on the move via a mobile or tablet. Workflows never have to slow down because of security, which means that you ultimately deliver faster for your clients. Client communication. One of the most interesting ways that CipherPost Pro has evolved is that it has the potential to improve how you communicate with clients. Real-time tracking of messages activity gives clients unique transparency so they always know what’s happening in a workflow. You can give your clients large file transfer capability, so they can easily bypass frustrating corporate email size restrictions. You can also give clients access to the same email plugins, mobile apps, browser extensions and desktop clients that internal employees can use. Gone are the days when clients have to be driven to an external portal to read and reply to a message. They can have a secure message decrypted right into their customary inbox or mobile device, which makes CipherPost Pro as easy and familiar as traditional email. eDiscovery and Archiving.  Legacy solutions have struggled to archive encrypted data and also typically force organizations to create separate mail stores. These limitations have left organizations woefully unprepared for eDiscovery and at risk for compliance fines due to improper record retention. CipherPost Pro can create a single mail store as well as automatically decrypt messages into any archiving solution so that organizations can properly retain and retrieve secure messages in the event of litigation or an audit. In the cloud. Cloud-based solutions have become the defacto deployment model for email encryption because the large majority of organizations prefer a faster, easier deployment with no hardware infrastructure that interferes with their current network architecture. Cloud deployments also do not strain limited IT resources and are much easier to scale and upgrade in multiple global data jurisdictions. Organizations in heavily regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services are turning to cloud-based email encryption because of the value compared to on-premise solutions.

While email encryption will soon be required by all of your existing and potential new clients, keep in mind that not all email encryption is the same. There are vast differences in functionality and end user experience that impact clients.

Using a solution like CipherPost Pro that has a unique array of patented features enables firms to differentiate themselves as a potential legal partner.  What’s more, the ability to brand the solution for each firm and attorney creates unique business development opportunities as clients see with each message that you value their privacy.

It’s email encryption that’s easy, more secure, more flexible and more transparent for clients that ultimately accelerates the completion of projects.

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