Natural Disasters Give Urgency to Email Continuity Solutions


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Natural Disasters Give Urgency to Email Continuity Solutions

Kristy McDaniel Baia

With wildfires blazing in the west and hurricanes taunting the southeastern United States, it’s imperative to have a natural disaster plan no matter where you call home. But while you’re stocking up on water and batteries, don’t forget about a disaster plan for your business communication.

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Email is vital to business communication and going without it for an extended period of time can cost your business reputation damage and financial harm. Unfortunately, many businesses simply don’t think about what they would do without email until after they’ve lost it due to a natural disaster, faulty hardware, or other cause. Adding email continuity as a part of your business’s layered protection allows you to focus on the important tasks post-disaster, like mending your roof, while allowing you to communicate with your customers and service providers via email, even when your own servers go offline.

When shopping for an email continuity solution, take the following into consideration:

Does it require onsite hardware or software? Is it always on, or do I have to activate it on when I think I’ll need it? Will I be able to access old messages? Can my business afford it? Will it include customer support, and if so will there be an additional charge?

ECS from AppRiver is always-on and stores the last 30 days of your email, so you don’t have to worry about your business’s email when a disaster strikes. If you’re ready to safeguard your business from natural disasters and other unforeseen outages, see if AppRiver’s Email Continuity Service is right for your business. Hopefully you’ll never need it, but you’ll be glad you have it if you ever do.