Zix | AppRiver Now Offers Archiving Capabilities for Microsoft Teams


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Zix | AppRiver Now Offers Archiving Capabilities for Microsoft Teams

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As the majority of businesses continue to work remotely amid the pandemic – while coming to terms with the fact that this will likely be the norm for the foreseeable future – collaboration and productivity apps have become core to daily life. While these tools offer invaluable benefits in a world of remote work, they also present new challenges when it comes to compliance and record keeping for the sensitive company data that is constantly shared and discussed across these platforms.


Microsoft Teams is one of the leading virtual meeting and communication tools that has seen a serious uptick in daily users this year, shooting to over 75 million since March 2020. While its secure integration with Office 365 enables simple file sharing and collaboration for teammates working from home, its surging adoption is also raising concerns for compliance teams facing pressure by data regulation and auditing bodies to archive Teams data for regulatory and electronic discovery purposes.


Businesses shouldn’t have to tradeoff between productivity and security and Zix | AppRiver has made an information archiving solution that is compatible with Microsoft Teams, allowing organizations to securely store Teams communications while meeting regulatory compliance.


By storing all Microsoft Teams communications with Zix | AppRiver’s information archive solution, it’s easy for legal and HR departments to carry out internal investigations, or for an organization to prove regulatory compliance to a third-party. The tedious process of using endless search criteria to filter through messages, file uploads, and other content across various platforms is drastically simplified with cross-platform archiving on a single pane of glass with custom search terms.


This new integration with Microsoft Teams is the latest example of how Zix | AppRiver’s archiving capabilities are constantly evolving along with the way people work, the tools they use, and new regulatory expectations facing businesses. It builds on last year’s expansion from email archiving to unified information archiving for 48 data sources spanning social media, instant message, mobile, web, audio and video.


Adding to the support Zix | AppRiver’s information archive solution already provides for apps like Slack, Workfront, Yammer, and Salesforce Chatter, the integration with Microsoft Teams now provides an added layer of security and compliance around yet another commonly used business communication tool.  


Even when we begin to return to the office, the pandemic’s influence on workplace collaboration will be long lasting. More individuals than ever before will likely continue to work remotely in some capacity, and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams will continue be a part of business operations. It’s important that organizations have an easy way to comprehensively capture all communications data to   curate a compliant and ethical business environment, and that’s exactly what Zix | AppRiver’s information archive solution is providing with this new update.


For more information on Zix | AppRiver’s archiving capabilities, check out Zix | AppRiver’s information archiving datasheet and read more on Information Archiving. You can also request a demo from Zix | AppRiver here.