AppRiver Partners Gain Access to ZixEncrypt


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AppRiver Partners Gain Access to ZixEncrypt


AppRiver always has been a go-to platform for securely connecting managed service providers and their customers but is becoming even more powerful after its acquisition by Zix. By integrating ZixEncrypt email encryption capabilities with the AppRiver suite, Zix will make these communication encryption tools available to AppRiver’s 4,500 partners.

ZixEncrypt is the gold standard in email encryption, offering the industry’s only bidirectional transparent email encryption. With ZixEncrypt, senders and recipients can exchange encrypted email without any extra steps. The patented Best Method of Delivery ensures that messages are delivered in the most efficient and secure way possible, whether that’s ZixEncrypt-to-ZixEncrypt, policy-based Transport Layer Security, or our mobile-friendly Secure Portal. ZixEncrypt offers your customers and business partners convenient and secure send and receive capabilities that help them adhere to industry-specific compliance standards.

With ZixEncrypt, AppRiver customers have policy-based email encryption and email data loss prevention. It scans the content of all their outbound email and automatically encrypts according to policies they define, so it makes securing sensitive email communication easy. As an added benefit, it ensures compliance of email communication without requiring special training or procedures for employees.

For companies under regulatory compliance obligations, ZixEncrypt will help achieve and maintain a compliant status by protecting sensitive and confidential data being exchanged via email. Advanced content filters that automatically scan each outbound email's subject, body, and attachments for sensitive information allow each individual email to be examined. Mail can then be routed, blocked, or encrypted according to the triggered policy.

AppRiver customers will enjoy even more secure communications through the simple-to-use Zix suite, including these powerful features:

1. Robust Filtering Technology

ZixEncrypt allows users to define and manage email protection policies so they can protect sensitive emails and ensure compliance. To make setup easy, predefined filters are available for healthcare, finance, education, and other heavily regulated industries. Based on filters, customers control whether emails are blocked, routed, or encrypted.

2. Best Method of Delivery

ZixEncrypt doesn’t just encrypt messages — it determines the safest way to send the message according to the recipient’s own email capabilities. For messages between Zix customers, emails are encrypted and then decrypted upon receipt without even requiring a password. On average, more than one-third of customers receive emails transparently.

3. TLS Support

Transport Layer Security is a powerful security tool, but the manual effort necessary to securely configure and manage each TLS connection makes it difficult to justify unless required. The good news is that ZixEncrypt simplifies the setup and management of TLS by making it a part of encryption policies. Users can define the level of certificate authentication and encryption used with TLS to improve security. Including TLS in a ZixEncrypt policy also increases reporting visibilities.

4. Flexible Delivery

Email encryption is great, but not all recipients have decryption tools to match the technology of the sender. With ZixEncrypt, receiving an encrypted email is easy. For users relying on secure portal delivery, messages can even be read on a mobile device. The secure portal is highly customizable and provides recipients with a full email experience for reading, composing, and managing their secure emails. In addition, companies can brand and integrate the secure portal into their corporate portals for a consistent look and feel.


AppRiver has always provided powerful solutions for securing communications, and the company’s numerous channel awards and 4,500 customers attest to its success in the space. With the acquisition by Zix and the inclusion of ZixEncrypt into the AppRiver set of solutions, AppRiver partners will have access to more exciting features than ever before. With the ability to define specific email filtering parameters, automatically select the most secure delivery method, and integrate TLS tools into specific policies, AppRiver customers are sure to enjoy the additional peace of mind offered by ZixEncrypt.