Global Security Report: AppRiver analysts discuss first half of 2018


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Global Security Report: AppRiver analysts discuss first half of 2018

Teresa Zwierzchowski

With the first half of 2018 behind us, it’s clear that email remains a favorite avenue used by attackers to deliver attacks and infiltrate organizational networks.

Earlier this year, AppRiver security analysts Troy Gill and David Pickett released AppRiver’s annual Global Security Report that outlined the biggest threats of 2017.

Now they are updating on what they are seeing play out in 2018.

According to the newly released Midyear Global Security Report, spear phishing activity such as Business Email Compromise attacks (BECs), have been on an upward trend in 2018. Through the first half of the year, AppRiver’s filters have quarantined just over 1 million BEC attacks – up nearly 50 percent over the previous six-month period. Filters also have quarantined nearly 100 million emails containing malware attachments, and more than 180 million phishing messages.

Email remains a favorite vector used by attackers to get a foothold into your organization. Whether for the purpose of malware infection, data theft or financial fraud—everyone is a target. Attackers will continue to find ways to monetize their activities and pivot quickly to new techniques when previous techniques become obsolete. With absolute certainty, more zero-day exploits are on the horizon.

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