MSPs: Three Pillars Of Security To Remember In The Fight Against Ransomware


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MSPs: Three Pillars Of Security To Remember In The Fight Against Ransomware

Teresa Zwierzchowski

Ransomware is an ongoing threat to businesses of all sizes in every industry. And ransomware “hackers” are moving to more professional operations that closely mimic technology businesses. In the first half of 2017 alone, a whopping 1.9 billion data records were either lost or stolen due to cyberattacks.As the cat and mouse game between security vendors and those on the dark side of the web continue, what happens to small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that may not have the resources, tools or training that larger organizations use to recognize, prevent and protect themselves from such attacks.

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Managed service providers (MSPs) can help these companies gain an in-depth understanding of the current threat landscape and determine the most effective security strategies and solutions to prevent breaches and protect critical data. These service providers can also help companies comprehend the significant financial impact of an attack.The average cost of a security breach for SMBs is $47,000.

How can MSPs help?

So how can MSPs help their clients defend against ever-growing sophisticated threats and improve security? Here are three important pillars to improving security:

Staff education A security software suite Data backup and recovery solutions Pillar 1: Protecting the Front Line: Staff Education

The weakest link in any business is the staff, so the first line of defense is education. MSPs can help train staff on social engineering techniques, giving employees the tools to make informed decisions about emails and web content, and protect data and systems.

Pillar 2: Safeguarding Against Ransomware: Recommending a Security Software Suite

In addition to training, clients also will need to protect themselves against web-based malware attacks using software-based security solutions. Companies should implement a security suite that covers risk factors from multiple types of attacks and liabilities.

Pillar 3: Business Continuity: Determining data backup and recovery solutions

The third step where MSPs can help clients with a layered-security approach is to build strategies around data backup and recovery.

Partnerships for Secure Clients MSPs can play a critical role in helping clients stay ahead of the risks and better safeguard their businesses. AppRiver and Datto created a complimentary whitepaper titled, “The MSP’s Guide to Protecting Clients from Ransomware“ to advise MSPs on how they can help SMBs deploy a nearly bulletproof security solution to protect their business from threats on multiple fronts. Download the whitepaper below.   {{cta('0fb9f37e-ab1b-4ef9-941d-accc9f35896d')}} CONNECT WITH US

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