Watch for malicious scams in wake of Las Vegas shooting


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Watch for malicious scams in wake of Las Vegas shooting

Troy Gill

All of us at AppRiver are grieving for the heinous act that took place Sunday night in Las Vegas. And while the tragedy will get its fair share of media attention in coming weeks, we want to sound a warning bell before people are taken advantage of.

Scammers try to take advantage of tragedies

Whenever we see tragic events such as these take place, it is usually not long after that we begin to see related phishing and malware scams looking to take advantage of people's interest. This will likely come in the form of a link or an attachment promising "unseen footage" of the crime scene.

This is exactly what happened approximately four years ago following the Boston Marathon. In short order, we began seeing emails attempting to distribute malware under the guise of sharing footage of the event.

Please remember these tips in the coming days:

Never open attachments or hyperlinks in unsolicited emails. Be skeptical of attachments or hyperlinks sent from someone you know (they may be compromised). Get your news from trusted/known websites and avoid clicking banner adds. Be wary of click-bait on social media sites. If you wish to donate funds to help during times of tragedy it is always best to reach out directly to the organization.


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