iOS 10 Adds HTML Email Signatures to Mail


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iOS 10 Adds HTML Email Signatures to Mail

Aaron Cohoon

Part 3 of 3: New Mail Features in iOS 10 include Draft Folder Synchronization, HTML Signatures, and Updated Settings Menu

HTML Email Signatures in iOS 10

This is a feature of the Mail app that has flown under the radar so far, and one that our Phenomenal Support team has been asked about numerous times over the past several years. HTML formatted email signatures are now supported, or at least simplified in iOS 10. At the time of this writing Apple has not officially announced support for this feature so we cannot guarantee its reliability, but it has been successful in our tests of the Mail app in iOS 10, the latest mobile operating system available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Use of HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, coded formatting in email signatures allows custom text, web, phone, and email links to be included. Without HTML support only text has been supported in email signatures in iOS, and most other mobile email client applications. In later versions of iOS there was a cumbersome little known workaround, involving several steps including literally shaking an iPhone after pasting the email signature.


Take the proceeding steps to apply a signature to new email messages composed from within the Mail app in iOS 10:

1) Send yourself a message with your email signature from Outlook or another email client where the signature is configured.


If you would like to create a new text signature for your iPhone or iPad proceed to Step 3. Your organization's IT department may offer a url or file containing your company's email signature format in HTML, possibly containing a logo. Outlook offers more options to customize an email signature than the settings in iOS.

To add an email signature in Outlook, compose a new message, click Signature > Signatures, edit the signature, and click OK.



2) Copy your email signature from the message on the iPhone then paste your copied signature into the text field in Signature settings.

Open the Mail app and tap to open the email you sent yourself that includes the signature. Tap and hold on any word in the signature, and slide the bookend brackets to highlight the entire signature. Tap Copy. The text you've copied will be saved on the device's clipboard.



3) From the Home screen tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Scroll down to Mail and tap Signature.



4) Select "All Accounts" or "Per Account" to designate which mail account to apply the signature.



5) Delete the existing signature then type or past your signature in the text field.

To paste the text copied in the iPhone or iPad's clipboard tap and hold on the text box then select paste.



Tap Mail in the top left corner of the screen to save the changes automatically.



6) Confirm the message is applied correctly by sending yourself an email from your iPhone.



Tech Tip:

Be careful adding images to the signature. The functionality is available, however it is very limited as the virtually universal size limit of 8kb for attachments still applies. The logo in our test is 7.15 kb so it was successful, but just within the size threshold. We tried adding a larger image (around 1 MB) and the image was replaced with a small box icon when composing a new message from within the Mail app as pictured below.




About the Author: Aaron Cohoon is a Mobile Solutions Administrator for AppRiver, a leading hosted Exchange e-mail security provider. Aaron has a significant Technical Support background in the telecommunications industry, accompanied with an immeasurable drive and dedication.