Web Developers & Hosters Beware!


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Web Developers & Hosters Beware!

Jim Nitterauer

A couple of days ago, we monitored this phishing email. This request had a subject line "web site install" and nothing more. The message is shown in the image below:


Obviously, this message is dubious at best. I did not reply nor follow-up. I would venture that if I did make contact, I would have been provided the .zip file. You can rest assured that the zip file would contain malicious code that once installed and executed on the host server, would lead to some very bad results.

I wanted to put this out there as I suspect these types of solicitations will become more refined, more believable and more difficult to weed out. If you are a Web developer or a web hosting provider, please don't be mislead into contacting the originator of these types of messages. Only bad things will come your way if you do.