Secure E-signature

Sign. Sealed. Delivered.

Until now, no one has been able to offer a secure stand-alone e-signature capability without an added layer of additional software or hardware. You either had to compromise on security in favor of ease-of-use and lower costs, or shell out for the added cost and weight of full-encryption and accept the less-than-stellar authentication method that didn’t quite measure up to a true e-signature standard.

With the AppRiver Email Encryption e-signature feature, there are no compromises required and no additional hardware or software required to ensure security. You can seamlessly and securely sign and exchange a full range of document types simply by typing your name and clicking a button – all from within your email program and in a matter of seconds.

E-signature offers the best combination of:

  • Security
  • Ease of Use
  • Simplicity
  • Full Mobile Functionality
  • Compliant with Data Jurisdiction
  • Real-Time Activity Alerts
  • Instant Verification
  • Total Control

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