Quarantine Alerts

Are you ready for smart email filtering?

Since email filters around the world analyze billions of messages every day, it’s hard to get upset when only one important email gets dropped into your quarantine, right? Wrong! AppRiver is out to raise your expectations with our new Quarantine Alerts, which help enhance your Advanced Email Security filtering service with a smart filter that also analyzes your email history to ensure that something potentially important to you doesn’t become lost in your quarantine without notification.

If our system flags your message as unwanted and it recognizes that you have corresponded with the contact previously, you’ll receive a Quarantine Alert calling your attention to the message, which can then be easily released to your inbox. Likewise, any suspected messages containing a virus or malicious content that come from a previous contact will also trigger a Quarantine Alert. Bottom line – your inbox remains safe and your expectations for email filtering will never be the same again.

Ready for the fine print? How about the phenomenal print instead? If you already have Advanced Email Security, Quarantine Alerts are included with your service. If you’re not a AppRiver customer yet, let’s fix that today with a free, fully-functional 30-day trial with no obligations. Simply complete the form below to experience a spam filtering service that’s designed specifically for you!

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