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Ransomware, wire transfer fraud, data breaches, hacked email, and the list goes on. The threats to your network are real — and they’re getting more serious every day. The good news is that AppRiver is just as serious about cybersecurity. We’ll prove it to you by giving you a free network threat analysis, an insightful report that will tell you if and when your users have visited a compromised site. And we will alert you immediately if we detect a critical threat on your network. (That’s not exactly something you want to wait to hear about.)

The network threat analysis is just one feature of AppRiver's Web Protection cloud-based cybersecurity service. It doesn't require any onsite hardware and is continuously updated (over 2,500 times a day) to make sure your Internet users don’t download a disaster. With Web Protection, you get the protection your business needs without the complexity and cost of other Web-security services.

Web Protection also works seamlessly with our Advanced Email Security, keeping your inbox and network safe from phishing, ransomware, conversation hijacking and other social engineering attacks. The best part is that you can protect your business with both for under $4 a month per user.*

You run your business. Let AppRiver handle your cybersecurity.


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