Advanced Persistent Threats

Defend your network.

Lots of companies talk about protecting you against advanced persistent threats (APTs), but what does that really mean? The truth is that your security provider should already be safeguarding your network from such threats without charging you extra for it. At AppRiver, we figure that’s our job.

AppRiver’s Advanced Email Security phishing and malware solution, along with our Web Protection anti-ransomware solution, combine to protect you from email or Web-borne threats – and they do so in a way that offers the maximum security for a minimal monthly fee.

Advanced Email Security blocks more than 99 percent of malicious emails, keeping your inbox clean and your network safe. After 15 years in the business, we know the tricks that sophisticated spammers and scammers use and we’ve established effective protocols to block them. (These are included with our basic service; not sold to you as add-ons).

And while our email security will block most malicious emails and keep you safe from phishing attacks and email-delivered malware, the savviest APTs out there will also attempt to infect your network via the Web. This is where adopting a layered security approach comes into play. Because we have millions of malicious domains in our database – and we add more each day – Web Protection stops users before they visit compromised or malware-laden sites. But Web Protection isn’t a stop-gap solution — it's constant protection. If your system is already infected, Web Protection can stop data thieves from uploading critical information to their servers. And it will send you a Critical Threat Notification that alerts you to the problem and helps you isolate and correct it.

Web Protection doesn’t require any onsite hardware and is updated thousands of times daily based on malware trends from a wide range of sources.

APTs are a growing threat to every business and your best protection is time-tested security solutions provided by an experienced team of professionals. You’ll find the best of the best right here at AppRiver – and we won’t charge you extra for doing our jobs.

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