Gain Efficiency and Certainty with Email Archiving

for business, addressing your litigation, audit, productivity needs and more.

  • Provides easy online access to your message archives.
  • Effective in encrypted environments and supports regulatory requirements.
  • Includes eDiscovery and compliance options, depending on your business needs.
  • Works seamlessly with Office 365, Exchange and other email platforms.

Email Archiving removes the liability and replaces it with capability.

Store your business records securely and retrieve them easily with AppRiver's email archiving and compliance solution.

Email Archiving Features and Benefits

  • Secure, centralized, off-site storage
  • Online access to current & historical messages
  • Rapid search & retrieval via full text indexing and search engine technology
  • Easy to setup with our guided migration assistance
  • Searches on messages, headers & attachments
  • Messages are serialized, time-date stamped
  • Can import legacy email to unified archive
  • Multi-lingual interface (English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese)
  • Meets stringent compliance & audit rules (SEC, NASD, IDA, HIPAA, SOX, FRCP, privacy)
  • Advanced dual encryption to ensure privacy, confidentiality, and non-disclosure
  • Full audit trails & reports on email history
  • Secure offsite storage with multi-Data Center replication
  • Complete lifecycle management with retention & disposal periods
  • 24/7/365 Phenomenal Care®


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Email Business Archiving & eDiscovery

  • Online access to message archive through Global Relay Online Portal, Outlook & apps on mobile device
  • eDiscovery tools
  • Fast/flexible message search & retrieval
  • Available archiving add-ons for Social Media, Bloomberg, Blackberry, Public IM, Messenger, Skype, Twitter and LinkedIn

Email Compliance Archiving

All the features of Business Archiving PLUS:

  • SEC/FINRA/SOX/HIPAA compliance tools
  • Compliance reviewer
  • Full audit trail reports
  • Active message monitoring and flagging
  • Mobile search archiving

Your business needs AppRiver's Email Archiving capability.


Email Archiving & eDiscovery

Lawsuits and investigations can be expensive, even if your company isn't the plaintiff or the defendant. In today's business environment, you can be asked at any time to produce electronic copies of important communications or documents.

AppRiver's eDiscovery solutions can make that process easier for you and your team. With AppRiver, your data is stored securely and the metadata is preserved.

It is easy to search and retrieve legally defensible messages and attachments. There are also options available that allow you to capture other communications like texts and instant messages as well.

Why should I have an archiving service?

The law requires some businesses to maintain certain records for a set period of time and be able to produce them when necessary. AppRiver's sales advisors can help you determine what you need, but it's also a good idea to check with your attorney, accountant and other professional advisors to find out what records you're required to keep and for how long. Even if the law doesn't require it, you may find still find that archiving is useful to your company for other reasons.


Does the archiving happen automatically or will it require staff time to physically implement?

AppRiver's Phenomenal Care® team will guide you through the setup process and make sure you're up and running smoothly. Afterwards, your archiving happens automatically.


What records are archived?

Any records that are handled through inboxes on your domain are automatically archived. This includes files and documents that are attached to email messages.


My business is required to encrypt sensitive client information, but the law also says I have to keep a copy of these records in a searchable archive. Will AppRiver's solution allow me to do both?

It depends on the product you're using for your encryption. With AppRiver's Email Encryption, your records can be stored in an encrypted format with a searchable unencrypted copy maintained in a secure archive, accessible only by people authorized to view them.  Click here to learn more about Email Encryption.


Industry message archiving and compliance solution with AppRiver