Welcome Roaring Penguin Partners!

Roaring Penguin is now AppRiver! We’re excited to welcome Roaring Penguin Partners to the AppRiver Channel, an award-winning partner program that offers Office 365, email encryption, web protection and much more. Together, let’s grow your business with more capability, greater margins and the best support team anywhere!

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When will the transition begin?

The transition will start immediately, but most of the initial changes will be behind-the-scenes, administrative functions. AppRiver’s team will alert you in advance of changes that might affect your service in any way.

Will any of my customers be affected during the transition?

Initially, their services will continue as they are, uninterrupted. If you choose to become an AppRiver partner, our channel sales advisors will work with you in advance to make sure the onboarding process is as smooth and seamless as possible. Again, we will give you notice ahead of time about any changes that will impact your business.

Who can I call for support? Will they know how to help me?

You may continue to call the Roaring Penguin support numbers. Our team will work with Roaring Penguin’s support staff to make sure you get the help you need as quickly as possible. Our channel sales advisors will also be reaching out to you soon to discuss becoming an AppRiver partner and the steps we’ll need to take to bring you and your customers on to AppRiver.

Who will be billing me/paying me? Roaring Penguin or AppRiver?

If you become an AppRiver reseller, going forward, billing will come from AppRiver. If you are an AppRiver referral agent, your quarterly ACH commission payments will come from AppRiver. Depending on the payment process you have in place, AppRiver may reach out to you for updated information.


Does AppRiver provide any sales and marketing assistance for their services?

Yes. As an AppRiver partner, you will have the ability to co-brand any of our sales and marketing materials, including our customer portal, and take advantage of our free appMailer platform that allows you to create and execute lead- and sales-generation campaigns with just a few clicks. We also have limited, performance-based co-op marketing opportunities and frequent SPIFFs to help you as well.

You may also discuss co-selling assistance with your channel sales advisor to help you become comfortable presenting the business case for using AppRiver services.

I have customers located in other regions in the world. Can AppRiver still support these customers?

Yes, AppRiver has customers located all over the globe and we provide Phenomenal Care from our corporate headquarters in Florida as well as our EMEA offices near Zurich and in Barcelona.

Will I be forced to move my customers to AppRiver’s service or can I stay on the Roaring Penguin platform?

For the next one to two years, your customers may remain on the Roaring Penguin platform. Going forward, we will integrate some of Roaring Penguin’s technology into AppRiver’s services. We encourage you to take a look at AppRiver’s partner program and the services we offer and join our channel. Our commitment is to make that transition as easy and painless as possible. We believe it will help you build a stronger business as well.

Will other AppRiver services work with my existing Roaring Penguin product?

That depends on which service you want to use. AppRiver’s Secure Hosted Exchange and Email Continuity services, for example, both include SecureTide spam and virus filtering. We recommend speaking with one of our team members to discuss the specific service and its compatibility with Roaring Penguin.

Are my customers eligible for the free evaluation to try other AppRiver services?

Yes, AppRiver offers a free, no obligation trial for most of its services.

Can I sell hosted email solutions through AppRiver?

Yes, we have two hosted email platforms. AppRiver is a Microsoft CSP Indirect reseller, which means that you can resell Office 365 through us. The advantage to you is that AppRiver’s team is the most experienced Office 365 customer support organization in the business. As one of the original companies to take the platform to market, our team resolves 97 percent of Office 365 issues in-house. When escalation to Microsoft is required, it’s our team on the phones with Microsoft, so you don’t have to waste that time.

With Roaring Penguin, 24/7 Support is a premium option. Does AppRiver charge for 24/7 Support?

AppRiver customers enjoy live, 24/7 Phenomenal Care at no additional charge. If you are a referral agent, this is a powerful selling point. Our resellers are expected to provide first tier support, but we are still available to help you if need be.

Do all Roaring Penguin products have an AppRiver equivalent?

Yes, in terms of functionality. AppRiver offers spam and virus filtering, archiving, and secure email services – all delivered from the cloud.

What will happen to the Roaring Penguin brand once the transition is complete?

Roaring Penguin will become a service brand under the AppRiver company.

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