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Move past uncertainty with AppRiver.

If you’re concerned that you might have to move your customers off Reflexion email services, you may be feeling frustration and anxiety – especially if you were content with the service(s) you were receiving. Of course, where you go from here is completely your choice, but we hope you’ll choose AppRiver.

AppRiver is a stable, cloud-based company that provides the email, Web security and productivity services you need and more. We’ll also provide free migration, as well as free, fully-functional trials for our services so you can be sure everything works perfectly for your customers and their businesses.

Here's why we think you'll like what you see:

  • Channel Focus – AppRiver understands the channel because we’ve been there. Most of our executives have been there and know the challenges you face. We aim to be more than a vendor – we’re your IT ally, a company that has your back. 
  • Stability – We were born in the cloud and we’ve been in business for more than 15 years, serving 60,000 corporate customers and protecting more than 10 million mailboxes.
  • Phenomenal Care® – 24/7 access to real customer support provided by our own US-based employees. We offer the care that small and mid-sized businesses really need.
  • Rock-solid Security – AppRiver was a pioneer in cloud-based email security and we’ve built it into every service we offer.
  • Diversity and Sustainability – We offer email encryption, malware protection, email continuity, archiving and compliance solutions that work seamlessly together and with our hosted Exchange and Office 365 platforms.
  • Competitive Pricing – Let’s talk about ways AppRiver services might save your business money with discounts for prepayment.
  • Partner Respect – For resellers, we offer great margins, friendly terms, frequent SPIFF opportunities and a team that is committed to your success.

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