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The email hosting business has seen some incredible upheaval lately and there’s more to come. If you’re a Microsoft SPLA partner, 2017 could be a challenging year - expensive upgrades, shifting customer requirements, and partner program changes, to name a few possible impacts. Of course, we all have to pay attention to competitive pressure from hyper-scale providers like Microsoft and Google. And there is always the costly and time-consuming issue of support. The bottom line is that your bottom line could be squeezed like never before.

One potential solution might be to join Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, but that’s simply not feasible for many hosted email providers. We encourage you to take a look at the requirements and judge for yourself whether this program is right for you. If not, then let’s have a conversation about how AppRiver can relieve your hosting headaches and help you grow your business.

Want more information about qualities you should look for in a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner? Read more here.

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