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Something Wicked This Way Comes – To Your Inbox

on July 05, 2018 | by Teresa Zwierzchowski | AppRiver, Email, hackers, phishing, Ransomware, SecureSurf, securetide, Security Risks, Security Vulnerablities, spearphishing

Hackers are smart – and only getting smarter. They are continually honing their attacks and searching for the weakest link – and oftentimes that is a company’s employees. read more

Harvey Scam email appears, more on the way

on August 31, 2017 | by David Pickett | Digital Degenerate, donations, Email, harvey, hurricane, scam, securetide, social engineering, Spam

Harvey Scam Example After every large news event or natural disaster we see the associated scam emails. The first Harvey scam email we've seen showed up the afternoon of Aug. 30. It is a bit surprising it took that long for it to appear, we've been watching closely. Unfortunately many more scam ... read more

SpearPhishers Reeling in Tax Returns

on February 20, 2017 | by Jonathan French | bec, business email compromise, ceo, Digital Degenerate, Email, phishing, spearphishing, tax, transfer, w-2, w2, wire

It's that time of the year where tax forms are filed and (unfortunately) personal information is sent around via unencrypted email. Internal email, that is email between users in a company on their own email system, can be considered as secure as the server itself for the most part (which one may in ... read more

iOS 10 Adds HTML Email Signatures to Mail

on November 18, 2016 | by Aaron Cohoon | Apple, AppRiver, Email, Email Signature, Exchange, Feature, hosted exchange, HTML, HTML Email Signature, HTML Signature, IOS, iOS 10, iOS 10.1.1, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Mail, New, Office 365, Settings, Signature, Signature Logo, Signatures, Tech News, tech tips

Part 3 of 3: New Mail Features in iOS 10 include Draft Folder Synchronization, HTML Signatures, and Updated Settings Menu read more

Locky Bringing the Malware Volume Back Up

on October 24, 2016 | by Jonathan French | attachment, Digital Degenerate, Email, locky, malware, Ransomware, securetide, Virus

Earlier this year, we had a lull in malware traffic for about three weeks after the Necurs botnet quite suddenly stopped sending out junk. History repeated itself on October 6th when we experienced another drop in malware traffic. Today, that dive in traffic might be over, ending this streak. The Lo ... read more

Kit-Kat Update Causing Exchange ActiveSync Connect…

on November 27, 2013 | by Jim Rhodes | ActiveSync, android, Email, Exchange, Google+, HTC, Kit-Kat, Nexus, Samsung, tech tips

There have been widespread reports that the latest update for Android (version 4.4 also known as Kit-Kat) is causing Exchange ActiveSync connectivity issues. The problems vary from not being able to authenticate to the server when setting up an Exchange account to synchronization stopping for Active ... read more

Trojan Downloaders

on November 25, 2013 | by Jonathan French | computer virus, CryptoLocker, Digital Degenerate, Email, malware, Ransomware, trojan, Virus

The term “malware” is thrown around to cover a wide variety of software. It’s a very broad term in the realm of bad things for computers. It covers a variety of software like viruses, keyloggers, adware, and worms. One particular type of malware known as a Trojan Downloader has been a choice deliver ... read more