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Malware Distributors Target Online Holiday Shopper…

on November 13, 2017 | by Troy Gill | adwind, Digital Degenerate, FedEx, malware, Security Risks, Virus, zbot, Zeus

As online holiday shopping gets into full swing we are on the lookout for holiday related threats that we should all be wary of. It’s likely that FedEx alone will deliver hundreds of millions of packages between Black Friday and Christmas Day. And with so many people expecting packages to be delive ... read more

Malignant Emails

on March 14, 2014 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, cancer, Digital Degenerate, malware, NICE, Zeus

Yesterday morning we began seeing a rather disturbing attempt to get users to click on malicious attachments. This malware campaign was made to look as if it came from The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence which is an offshoot of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom. It cla ... read more

Subtleties of Deception

on November 26, 2013 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, Digital Degenerate, fax, malware, RingCentral, securetide, Zeus

When you get right down to it, a major focus of cybercriminals is on social engineering. It's with these tools and techniques that they are able to separate their targets from their money or data (which also ends up translating to money in the end). It has become a very common occurrence to attach a ... read more

Dropbox Password Reset Emails Lead to Malware

on October 18, 2013 | by Jonathan French | Digital Degenerate, malware, phishing, Virus, Zeus

A new campaign just started up involving some fake dropbox password reset emails. The emails come in with a sad computer face claiming the recipient has requested a password reset and their old password is now "dangerous". read more

CPAs Targeted in Malware Attack

on September 25, 2013 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, blackhole, Bon Jovi, Digital Degenerate, Java, SecureSurf, Zeus

This morning we're seeing a rash of emails claiming to be from the AICPA or American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. These emails claim that the recipient accountant has been involved with fraudulent tax activity stemming from one of their clients and that a complaint has been filed again ... read more