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Not all SMBs share the same cyber fears

on April 17, 2019 | by appriver | AppRiver Cyberthreat Index for Business, Ransomware, Virus

This should not be a big surprise, that small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in different sectors have varying cybersecurity concerns. Not all SMBs are created equal; they have different business models, use and transmit their data differently, which at times are also stored differently. These an ... read more

Malware Distributors Target Online Holiday Shopper…

on November 13, 2017 | by Troy Gill | adwind, Digital Degenerate, FedEx, malware, Security Risks, Virus, zbot, Zeus

As online holiday shopping gets into full swing we are on the lookout for holiday related threats that we should all be wary of. It’s likely that FedEx alone will deliver hundreds of millions of packages between Black Friday and Christmas Day. And with so many people expecting packages to be delive ... read more

Locky Bringing the Malware Volume Back Up

on October 24, 2016 | by Jonathan French | attachment, Digital Degenerate, Email, locky, malware, Ransomware, securetide, Virus

Earlier this year, we had a lull in malware traffic for about three weeks after the Necurs botnet quite suddenly stopped sending out junk. History repeated itself on October 6th when we experienced another drop in malware traffic. Today, that dive in traffic might be over, ending this streak. The Lo ... read more

Zepto Ransomware in .hta files

on August 24, 2016 | by Jonathan French | Digital Degenerate, file, help, hta, malware, Ransomware, Virus, zepto, zip

Ransomware is very popular these days with many different variants constantly popping up. One of the more recent high impact versions is known as Zepto. We see many different file types abused in these malware campaigns - things like macro enabled word documents, .js script files, .wsf windows scrip ... read more

Necurs Returning After a Short Vacation

on June 21, 2016 | by Jonathan French | botnet, Digital Degenerate, drydex, js, locky, malware, necurs, Virus

Virus traffic has been huge so far in 2016. Mostly, this has been thanks to ransomware, and in particular, Locky distributed by the Necurs botnet. We've been seeing malware traffic counts in the tens of millions daily here for sometime now. This, of course, has its ups and downs, but for the past th ... read more

Malicious Macros in Fake Adobe Messages

on January 28, 2016 | by Troy Gill | Digital Degenerate, fake adobe emails, macro malware, tech tips, trojan, Uncategorized, Virus

Over the past six months we have seen an increase in the number of emails with malicious Word (.doc) attachments. These messages utilize the available functionality in a file type that is very familiar to basically every computer user. By using this technique the attacker can increase the chances th ... read more

Federal Reserve Malware Campaign

on November 24, 2015 | by Jonathan French | Digital Degenerate, macro, malware, remote, Virus, xls

We have a large malware campaign going on at the moment claiming to be messages from the Federal Reserve saying restrictions are going in place on federal wire and ACH online transactions. It hopefully strikes most people that it would be pretty out of place to receive an email from the Federal Rese ... read more

Spam - all day, every day

on July 31, 2015 | by Jonathan French | amount, Digital Degenerate, history, Spam, statistics, stats, status, trend, Virus

Spam has been around almost since the internet was first created. In fact the first spam message was sent out through ARPANET which is the predecessor to the internet we know now. If you have an email address, it’s very likely you get spam messages as well. Sending spam emails is a tactic that’s sti ... read more

Amazon themed malware targets Crypto Currency

on June 11, 2015 | by Troy Gill | bitcoin, Fareit malware, trojan, Uncategorized, Virus

Over the past week we have been monitoring (and blocking) a stream of malicious emails attempting to pose as legitimate Amazon purchase confirmations. The messages simply state that your order has been confirmed and contains a small amount of details. The user being target is directed to the attache ... read more

Forged Best Buy Emails Distribute Malware

on December 04, 2014 | by Troy Gill | best buy, Digital Degenerate, malware, trojan, Uncategorized, Virus

Fake Best Buy purchase confirmations attempting to spread malware have been circulating for the past week. These messages are simple. They appear with “Best Buy” in the [from] field and they inform the recipient that an order has been placed with Best Buy which needs to be confirmed for pick up. The ... read more