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BEC Attacks Evolving - Phishing via XPS Files

on May 22, 2018 | by David Pickett | email fraud, phishing, securetide, Security Risks, social engineering, xps extension

We've seen it time after time, malicious actors routinely attempt to confuse recipients of messages with obscure or lesser-utilized file extensions. Over the past month, some phishing attempts using xps files instead of the typical pdf or doc/docx formats have been captured by our filters. The xps ... read more

Harvey Scam email appears, more on the way

on August 31, 2017 | by David Pickett | Digital Degenerate, donations, Email, harvey, hurricane, scam, securetide, social engineering, Spam

Harvey Scam Example After every large news event or natural disaster we see the associated scam emails. The first Harvey scam email we've seen showed up the afternoon of Aug. 30. It is a bit surprising it took that long for it to appear, we've been watching closely. Unfortunately many more scam ... read more

Social Engineering Attack Escalation

on August 17, 2017 | by David Pickett | attack, Digital Degenerate, phishing, Ransomware, sans, securetide, Security Risks, social engineering, Spam, survey, trojan

Attack Overview and Statistics SANS Institute conducted a survey on how attackers were able to compromise user devices. They found 74 percent entered via an email attachment or email links, 48 percent from web based drive-by or download, and 30 percent through application vulnerabilities. Phishin ... read more

Phishing attempts riding WanaCry coattails

on May 19, 2017 | by David Pickett | Digital Degenerate, malicous, password theft, phishing, securetide, Security Risks, social engineering, wanacry, wcry

After every large news-making event, we see malicious campaigns pop up quickly to ride the coattails. It is very easy for the scammers to modify their malevolent templates to match the latest headlines. They do this to prey on users emotions. The scams range from simple social engineering to malic ... read more