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Necurs Botnet Launching Massive Ransomware Attacks

on December 26, 2017 | by David Pickett | AppRiver, botnet, globeimposter, locky, malware, necurs, Ransomware, securetide, Security Risks

****Update: 12/29/2017 9 A.M.**** Necurs botnet operators continue to show unpredictability. Following the afternoon blog update yesterday they turned up the volume. It ended up being our highest volume day of the year originating from the massive botnet. We blocked 49,784,485 million ransomware ... read more

Malware Activity Heating Up

on October 09, 2017 | by Troy Gill | \, AppRiver, cybersecurity, Digital Degenerate, locky, locky ransomware, necurs, Security Risks, tech tips

In September, the number of emails containing malware reached their highest levels thus far in 2017, as seen by our filters. So far, October is shaping up to continue that trend. We have been monitoring this activity closely. read more

Necurs Returning After a Short Vacation

on June 21, 2016 | by Jonathan French | botnet, Digital Degenerate, drydex, js, locky, malware, necurs, Virus

Virus traffic has been huge so far in 2016. Mostly, this has been thanks to ransomware, and in particular, Locky distributed by the Necurs botnet. We've been seeing malware traffic counts in the tens of millions daily here for sometime now. This, of course, has its ups and downs, but for the past th ... read more