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Malicious Macros and OLE Malware

on June 16, 2016 | by Jonathan French | Digital Degenerate, embedded object, excel, macro, Microsoft, object linking, ole, vbaproject, word

Malicious macros are nothing new these days. They've been around for years and will likely be staying for years to come. Macros themselves aren't the enemy though, and in fact can be a very powerful tool to help users automate complex tasks within a document. However, malware authors use the macro p ... read more

Federal Reserve Malware Campaign

on November 24, 2015 | by Jonathan French | Digital Degenerate, macro, malware, remote, Virus, xls

We have a large malware campaign going on at the moment claiming to be messages from the Federal Reserve saying restrictions are going in place on federal wire and ACH online transactions. It hopefully strikes most people that it would be pretty out of place to receive an email from the Federal Rese ... read more