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Faux Faxes Carry New CryptoLocker

on June 05, 2014 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, CryptoLocker, Digital Degenerate, encryption, infection, Ransomware

This morning we began seeing yet another new version of CryptoLocker from the same person or people that brought us the Australian Electric Company Bill version earlier this week. This time the author spent much more time on improving his product than they did on the delivery presentation. read more

Fake delivery emails lead to malware

on January 07, 2014 | by Jonathan French | Asprox, best buy, botnet, costco, Digital Degenerate, infection, malware, walmart

We have been seeing an ongoing malware campaign claiming to be package delivery emails from places like Walmart, BestBuy, and Costco. The emails say a delivery was missed and contain a link to a form to fill out. The link actually leads to an external compromised site containing a malware zip downlo ... read more