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Phony HSBC Emails Carry Spyware Infection

on April 04, 2018 | by Troy Gill | Digital Degenerate, Fake HSBC, Hancitor, HSBC malware, spyware, Trickbot

Today we are seeing a malware push from the Necurs botnet attempting to distribute a Spyware Trojan via the Hancitor downloader. The malicious email campaign is somewhat cleverly disguised as an encrypted email from HSBC Financial. read more

Hancitor Picking Up Steam

on June 02, 2017 | by David Pickett | AppRiver, botnet, Chanitor, Digital Degenerate, Hancitor, macros, malware, securetide, Security Risks, Spam, TorDal, trojan, word

The Hancitor (aka Chanitor & TorDal) malicious downloader has been picking up steam. read more