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AppRiver Partners Gain Access to ZixEncrypt

on May 07, 2019 | by appriver | zixencrypt, encryption, email encryption

AppRiver always has been a go-to platform for securely connecting managed service providers and their customers but is becoming even more powerful after its acquisition by Zix. By integrating ZixEncrypt email encryption capabilities with the AppRiver suite, Zix will make these communication encrypti ... read more

Faux Faxes Carry New CryptoLocker

on June 05, 2014 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, CryptoLocker, Digital Degenerate, encryption, infection, Ransomware

This morning we began seeing yet another new version of CryptoLocker from the same person or people that brought us the Australian Electric Company Bill version earlier this week. This time the author spent much more time on improving his product than they did on the delivery presentation. read more

Closing the Crypt

on May 29, 2014 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, BitLocker, Digital Degenerate, encryption, full disk encryption, Security, TrueCrypt

It came to a sudden surprise to everyone earlier this week when TrueCrypt, a private and almost secretly produced full disk encryption solution called it quits. Out of nowhere TrueCrypt's home page began redirecting visitors to one of their SourceForge file repository pages instead where it made a s ... read more