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Don't Let A Natural Disaster Become A Digital Disa…

on May 14, 2018 | by Teresa Zwierzchowski | digital disaster preparedness, email continuity

Hurricane season doesn't officially kick off until June 1, but Mother Nature has decided to show us that she doesn't care about official start dates. Latest forecasts from the National Weather Service show an area of disturbed weather off the Florida panhandle that could develop and potentially beco ... read more

Is a Natural Disaster Headed Your Way? Let Us Help…

on August 26, 2016 | by Kristy McDaniel Baia | digital disaster preparedness, email continuity

Bad weather can create a perfect storm for business. With Invest 99-L—predicted to become Tropical Storm Hermine—threatening the Southeastern United States, AppRiver has once again activated its free Digital Disaster Preparedness Service (DDPS). First made available in 2005, DDPS is a service design ... read more

Hurricane season is among us in the southeastern United States. With email being such an essential part of business, you can't afford for your mail server to go offline--even if it was because of a catastrophic storm. Even if you don't live in area that is in threat to many natural disasters, power ... read more