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Assassination Threats Demand Bitcoin Ransom

on December 12, 2017 | by David Pickett | AppRiver, assassination, bitcoin, Cybercrime, demand, Digital Degenerate, email security, fraud, ransom, scam, securetide, Security, Spam, threat

Assassination Threats Demand Bitcoin Ransom Processing more than a billion messages a month we tend to see the good, bad, and ugly emails of the internet. It's pretty rare a message will raise our eyebrows or fall into a "disturbing" category, especially for our team that sees the whole range of th ... read more

New CryptoLocker Has a Walkabout

on May 30, 2014 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, CryptoLocker, Cybercrime, Digital Degenerate, Ransomware, securetide

Looks like we're seeing a rather small amount of messages this morning appearing to look like utility bills from Energy Australia. The graphics look pretty convincing complete with logo and barcode and a lot of what would appear to be pertinent electricity bill information. Although, there are a cou ... read more

Beware of Online Dangers Lurking this Cyber Monday

on November 25, 2013 | by Troy Gill | cyber monday, Cybercrime, Digital Degenerate, fraud, malware, Virus

Cyber Monday is just one week away and with so many people shopping online, many tactics used cybercriminals to socially engineer users will be more effective than at other times during the year. Spammers and malware distributors have often crafted messages to appear as legitimate messages from the ... read more