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Phorphiex/Trik Botnet Campaign Leads to Multiple I…

on April 08, 2019 | by David Pickett | advanced email security, banking trojan, cryptojacking, Ransomware

Malware Campaign Packs a Strong Payload Punch There are few botnets with the capability to send tremendous volumes and pack an infection chain as malicious as what our filters have caught from the Phorphiex Worm/Trik botnet this year. For 2019, the Mealybug threat group has garnered the most media a ... read more

The Ongoing Emotet Campaigns

on February 19, 2019 | by Bear Huddleston | emotet, banking trojan, email security

Security specialists at AppRiver have been combating the nonstop and ever-changing Emotet campaigns. The more you know and understand about Emotet campaigns, the better chance you'll have at staying protected. Knowledge of threats, coupled with best practices of safeguarding your information online ... read more

Banking Trojan Takes Aim at UK Businesses

on October 30, 2018 | by Troy Gill | bank trojan, Trickbot, banking trojan

Just after 10 a.m. this morning UK businesses were targeted with an email campaign attempting to infect networks with the Trickbot Banking Trojan. Utilizing a similar approach to what we have seen in the past, the messages were crafted to appear as legitimate “secure emails” from Lloyds Bank. This ... read more

Time to Pay Royalties on That Malware

on June 05, 2015 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, banking trojan, Cridex, Digital Degenerate, Dridex, licensing, PPL, royalties, securetide, tacos

Early this morning, right around the start of the business day over here in the states, we began seeing a malware campaign hitting our filters that masqueraded as UK music licensing firm PPL. Even though it looks like this was a cast net style attack where both US domains and British domains were ta ... read more