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5 Ideas for MSPs to Get Noticed (and Get More Busi…

on July 06, 2018 | by Jim McClellan | managed service providers, MSP, tips

As a former small business owner, I remember the struggle all too well – whatever I put into my marketing budget often came right out of my grocery budget. I wasn’t a managed service provider, but I did face the same challenges of trying to grow my business on a budget that was more of a thread than ... read more

To Honor and Enable . . .

on September 14, 2016 | by Jim McClellan | AppRiver, AppRiver News, Bobby Henline, Cow Harbor Warriors, Rocco Donnino, Tim Scherer, Uncategorized, wounded veterans

From left: Wounded Veteran and comedian Bobby Henline, Gold Star Dad Tim Scherer, Sr., and AppRiver executive vice president Rocco Donnino. read more

Apple launched iOS 8.2 Monday, March 9th, after extensive beta testing. The most recent beta version of Apple's mobile operating system was confirmed to have corrected the time zone issue frustrating many hosted Exchange and other subscribed calendar users for months. A bug fix listed in the officia ... read more

AppRiver's Compliance Solution Might Have Saved IN…

on February 20, 2013 | by Jim McClellan | Tech News, tech tips

If you didn't see this in the news already, it's worth reading — especially if your business or practice is subject to any of the myriad state and federal privacy laws. The government is getting serious about information security and compliance, and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority ... read more

Akamai Improves Security as well as Speed

on February 03, 2012 | by Jim McClellan | AppRiver News, Uncategorized

We’ve written before about Akamai’s Internet optimization and how it dramatically increases reliability and download speeds for AppRiver’s Secure Hosted Exchange customers. What we haven’t spent much time talking about is how Akamai also adds an additional layer of security, ... read more

Surprises Greet a New Apper

on April 20, 2011 | by Jim McClellan | Apper Life

Back in December, I was offered an opportunity to leave the consulting world and join AppRiver as a full-time employee. Having worked with the company for several years, I had the best outsider’s perspective available. What wasn’t clear was how life would be working for AppRiver as an insider. read more