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TurboTax Users Targeted on Android Devices

on February 24, 2016 | by Fred Touchette | android, AppRiver, Digital Degenerate, securetide, spyware

Whilst pursuing our filters this morning I noticed a handful of emails purporting to be from TurboTax promoting their easy to use tax filing mobile apps. These emails also included two attachments labeled Turbo_Tax_apps.apk and Turbo_Tax_Manual_Do_IT_YOUR_SELF.apk, the latter pretending to be a tuto ... read more

TeslaCrypt Continues Its Tirade

on February 23, 2016 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, backitup, backup strategy, backups, backupyourfilesnow, Digital Degenerate, malware, Ransomware, securetide, TeslaCrypt

This morning we are continuing to see attacks from one of the major contenders in the Ransomware game, TeslaCrypt. TeslaCrypt began its career back in February of 2015, fresh on the heels of another popular piece of Ransonmware known as CryptoLocker. Most often delivered via the Angler Exploit Toolk ... read more

More Malicious Macros Impersonate UK Winery

on January 14, 2016 | by Fred Touchette | Digital Degenerate, macros, malware

Another day, another slew of custom crafted MS Word documents with macro functionality hits our filters. Macros used to be a tool of convenience for Microsoft documents such as Word and Excel, but now they're primarily used for internet evil, so much so that Microsoft has had them disabled by defaul ... read more

Ransomware - Should You Pay?

on October 30, 2015 | by Fred Touchette | Digital Degenerate, Opinion

After reading an article in SC Magazine this week regarding a talk presented at the Cyber Security Summit 2015 in Boston, I felt I needed to air my own personal opinion on the topic. The talk was made by assistant special agent with the FBI, Joseph Bonavolonta. Now, I wasn't in attendance at this ta ... read more

Inadvertent Waiver

on September 29, 2015 | by Fred Touchette | Uncategorized

This morning we've been seeing yet another offering from the Upatre guys. This time it comes in with a rather lengthy, by comparison, email with the subject line "Attorney-client agreement". This story line certainly leaves out a few major details as it begins with a lawyer apparently already in cou ... read more

Time to Pay Royalties on That Malware

on June 05, 2015 | by Fred Touchette | AppRiver, banking trojan, Cridex, Digital Degenerate, Dridex, licensing, PPL, royalties, securetide, tacos

Early this morning, right around the start of the business day over here in the states, we began seeing a malware campaign hitting our filters that masqueraded as UK music licensing firm PPL. Even though it looks like this was a cast net style attack where both US domains and British domains were ta ... read more

Last Days to File Taxes – Beware of Cybercrime

on April 13, 2015 | by Fred Touchette | Digital Degenerate

When W2’s started arriving earlier in the year, we saw an increase in the amount of tax-related spam attempting to phish users for sensitive data or infect their PC’s outright. It’s no surprise then that 2015 has been quite a busy year for tax scams of all sorts. read more