eBay Breach Used as a Spam Lure

May 29, 2014 | by Jonathan French | background check, breach, Digital Degenerate, eBay, hacked, lure

With any sort of major event, we can always expect to see related spam messages. The most recent occurrence of this has been with the eBay breach. With eBay having close to 145 million users, this makes a very large event for spammers to try and cash in on.

A recent example we have seen is a message using a sender address and intro as a lure to get a readers attention. At first the message appears to be a notice about the recent ebay breach. But after a quick two sentances, it goes right in to trying to get a user to purchase a subscription to a background checking website.

ebay lure-resized-600

Using the recent events as luring text to get a users attention is a common tactic among spammers. With a subject or intro to an email being about recent events, a curious reader may find themselves more interested in a message and more likely to click links. The above example redirects to a site that actually claims it offers services for monthly fees, but often times these emails can lead to phishing or malicious websites.

As with any links in messages or on websites, I always urge users to look where the link is taking you. Most browsers and mail programs, you can hover over a hyperlink and see the url it is taking you to. If it’s a site you don’t recognize, it sometimes may be best to not click the link.