Achieving Inbox Sanity: How To Use Our Bulkmailer Flag

January 29, 2014 | by Shane Rice | AppRiver News, Inbox Sanity, spam filtering, spam protection, tech tips

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Spam filtering can keep out mail generated by online creeps, but what about mail you’ve asked to receive? If your email experience is anything like mine, you probably get a mix of newsletters and updates that you have to sift through to find email you need to tackle for work.

This mail may feel unwanted, but it’s most likely coming from a sender that actively prevents spammers from using their system. These mailing lists are generated through an opt-in process. Think about all the times you’ve been asked for your email address online or in person and you get a sense for how quickly your inbox can become cluttered with bulk email you’ve authorized in some way.

Handling bulk email is a challenge for every email security provider. Here’s one reason why: Most of us have shopped at a favorite online store, and in the process given them our email addresses. We don’t necessarily want to see these messages in our work inbox, but maybe we still want to know about any great deals before they expire.

The ideal experience would be to have these messages filed in a folder we can check daily or a couple of times per week. You probably don't want these messages to be part of our normal workflow.

Here at AppRiver, this is something we’ve spent a lot of time managing and thinking about: How can we deliver a better bulk email experience to your mailbox? We know this is a headache for many of you because about 50 to 60 percent of the messages forwarded to our rule technicians fall into this category.

To address this problem we’ve added a new feature to SecureTide. Admins can turn on a test to mark these incoming messages with a label of their choosing. Turning this on will cause these messages to be checked against an extra 800 rules based on characteristics these messages typically share. We’re already checking messages against 6 million other rules faster than you can blink your eye, so you won’t even notice when we check against these new ones.

To turn this feature on, your admin needs to log in to the AppRiver Customer Portal and follow the steps in this article:

Once this test has been turned on, any user can follow these steps to create a rule to filter messages with the flag created by their admin:

You can customize how the filter works by adding email from certain addresses as an exception so that messages you want to see in your inbox immediately will behave exactly as you want.

Over the next few months we are going to continue refining this test and will continue to evaluate how to deliver a high-quality inbox experience. Keep an eye on for news about updates to this feature, and let us know what you think in the comments.