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2019 Best of Malware & Phishing "Phails"

on December 04, 2019 | by David Pickett | malware, advanced email security, phishing, fail

While filtering over a billion messages per month, our security team constantly defends against the good, bad, and ugly of spam, malware, and phishing. There's always a steady flow of phishing and malware attempts that aren't quite the finest handiwork out there and a select few of these make it to ... read more

Holiday Shopping

The Latest Holiday Shopping Scams

on November 27, 2019 | by Bear Huddleston | scam, holiday shopping, email fraud

It's that time of the year again. Scammers out and about, sending fake emails to sell counterfeit products and getting malicious ad clicks. Let's take a look at a few samples that we intercepted in the last few days. read more

How to Protect Yourself from 419 Scams

on November 18, 2019 | by Bear Huddleston | 419 scam, 419, email fraud, email scams, fraud, Nigerian scam, scam

Have you ever received an email that was too good to be true? Has someone claiming to have a large amount of money tried to seek your help in donating money to charity? How about being offered a payout for being a victim of a scam? Welcome to the world of 419 scams. Find out how to protect yourself ... read more

Never Trust A Voicemail

on November 06, 2019 | by Chris Lee | phishing, email security

Voicemail phishing is still as prevalent as ever, and these phishers use a myriad of obfuscation tactics to attempt to bypass various filters. Here I point out different red flags to look for as well as highlight how important it is to be familiar with your companies voicemail and email practices. read more

FTCode Ransomware Drops, Rocks, & Locks Files

on October 17, 2019 | by David Pickett | malware, advanced email security, Ransomware

A ransomware named FTCode is currently being used in email campaigns targeting Italian customers. These emails have been arriving posing as resumes, invoices, or document scans. While monitoring for new variants, we spotted one which departed from the norm. Surprisingly, it played Rammstein music fo ... read more