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AKO Ransomware Targeting Networks via Email

on January 14, 2020 | by David Pickett | advanced email security, Ransomware

The AppRiver advanced email security filter has been catching low volumes of targeted AKO ransomware-laced attempts. On Monday, January 13, we captured 247 of these targeted messages destined for customers. While arriving in low volumes, this ransomware variant is particularly troublesome to network ... read more

PowerPoint Malware References Drake Lyrics to Drop…

on January 07, 2020 | by David Pickett | advanced email security, malware

A malware campaign using PowerPoint as the infection vector caught our eye after we noticed it contained lyrics to a popular Drake song hidden inside a PowerShell command. Depending on the victim, it either dropped the Lokibot info stealer or Azorult remote access trojan. read more

2019 Best of Malware & Phishing "Phails"

on December 04, 2019 | by David Pickett | malware, advanced email security, phishing, fail

While filtering over a billion messages per month, our security team constantly defends against the good, bad, and ugly of spam, malware, and phishing. There's always a steady flow of phishing and malware attempts that aren't quite the finest handiwork out there and a select few of these make it to ... read more