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SecureTide Solution Gives Businesses of All Sizes Access to Fortune 500 Email Protection

AppRiver, LLC, a leading provider of business email security solutions, today introduced SecureTide, a powerful and flexible service that enables businesses of any size to manage email communications with the same level of control and protection as the Fortune 500.

Unveiled at 'INBOX, The Email Event,' in San Jose, June 1 & 2, SecureTide is the most-advanced version of AppRiver's popular Spam and Virus protection service that eliminates 97% or more of unwanted email before it reaches a user's network. New to AppRiver's SecureTide is a suite of user-customizable tools for email content management, designed to address email abuse and misuse in the workplace. The new content management tools provide the ability to monitor and enforce email usage policy among employees without the need for costly additional hardware or software.

SecureTide also is a result of significant enhancements to AppRiver's proprietary Spam detection platform, geared to respond to new Spam and Virus outbreaks at rates that are unsurpassed in the email security industry. The new technology widens the 'spam-net' by a factor of 10 and reduces the window of time required to block a newly identified spam or virus outbreak to less than 90 seconds.

AppRiver's SecureTide service requires no additional hardware or software and no changes to the user's network, making it ideal for companies with relatively low IT resources.

"AppRiver designed SecureTide for more effective defense against unwanted email as well as greater flexibility and control in how businesses manage their email," said Joel Smith, AppRiver co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. "SecureTide integrates complete command and control into a system that's incredibly easy to use and affordable enough for all businesses, large or small. All businesses can now benefit from the same protection and control only the resource-rich Fortune 500 previously enjoyed."

The email content management features in AppRiver's SecureTide address the needs of businesses that are increasingly concerned about productivity, corporate privacy, legal liability and bandwidth consumption. The new Web-based tools enable tracking of key words and phrases in all addresses, headers, subject lines and message bodies, permitting identified emails to be blocked or re-directed to ensure corporate security and policy compliance.

The tools also give users the flexibility to ban from the network unwanted file attachments, such as .exe, .wav, .jpeg or .mp3, and to prohibit all messages containing specific phrases or those originating from countries specified by the administrator. Businesses can apply the tools to all incoming email and, as an optional extra, to all outgoing email as well.

Other enhancements to SecureTide include the addition of LDAP Mirroring, which eliminates the need to manually update email server address changes, as well as a new troubleshooting site for users.

At the heart of AppRiver's service is the company's proprietary Spam detection system that utilizes more than 60 types of filtering techniques. In addition to sophisticated Spam identification analytics, AppRiver employs multiple anti-virus engines and proprietary detection systems that rid incoming email of worms, viruses, phishing attempts and other protocol-based vulnerabilities. The AppRiver service also provides perimeter security that conceals the user's message infrastructure to protect from a myriad of attacks, including Denial of Service (DOS) and Directory Harvesting.

SecureTide is available to all new and existing AppRiver customers at no additional cost. Typical AppRiver service pricing for a company with 50 users is less than $675/year.