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Avoid Digital Disaster Before Rita Hits

AppRiver, a leading a provider of business email security solutions, is offering companies in the path of Hurricane Rita a free service to protect and preserve email traffic should their servers be affected by the impact of the storm.

"In the digital age, lost email can mean lost customers, lost revenue and lost opportunities," said Michael Murdoch, CEO of AppRiver. "We have seen the effects of lost email by businesses in our community and want to offer protection to other companies that may be especially vulnerable the effects of Rita."

Murdoch said that AppRiver will hold a copy of all incoming email until the storm has passed and the company's email servers are functioning. This limited service is available to businesses that have an Internet domain name.

To access the free service, businesses need only visit AppRiver's website,, and click the button marked "Free Emergency Email Protection" at the top of the screen. Users will be guided through a simple process from that point. Or, they can call AppRiver at 1-866-223-4645.