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AppRiver Offers Free Email Continuity Program to Businesses Affected by Natural Disaster

AppRiver, LLC, a leading provider of e-mail messaging and Web security solutions, today announced the availability of its 2010 Digital Disaster Recovery Program to protect businesses' mission-critical e-mail operations during outages caused by natural disasters.

The AppRiver Digital Disaster Recovery Program averts e-mail downtime by providing e-mail continuity services to businesses facing imminent natural disaster. Affected businesses simply redirect e-mail to AppRiver's secure data centers. Once the danger passes and connectivity is restored, AppRiver will forward all outage-period e-mail activity to the company's e-mail server, free of charge.

For Miami-based Hyde Shipping Corp., outsourcing its disaster recovery service to AppRiver allows the company to maintain constant e-mail contact with its six ships carrying cargo throughout the Caribbean and keep that line of communication open when natural disasters, such as hurricanes, strike the Miami area.

"We rely on email for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communication in which our vessels tell us where they're at, when they're going to be in port, what kind of weather they're experiencing, and if they are in distress," sais Robert Brantley, MIS director for Hyde Shipping. "AppRiver's e-mail continuity program keeps us connected no matter what natural disasters may occur. The service provides access to existing e-mail and will send, receive and store messages for us. When the disaster is over, we bring our servers back up and AppRiver sends us all the stored e-mail so we haven't lost anything."

Registration is simple and typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Businesses simply contact AppRiver to receive step-by-step instructions for redirecting their e-mail to AppRiver's secure servers. Almost immediately thereafter, AppRiver will begin monitoring the company's e-mail server activity. When AppRiver detects a loss in connectivity with the e-mail server, the Digital Disaster Recovery Program will begin queuing the businesses' incoming e-mail messages in one of its own securely located data centers until that company's e-mail servers are up and running again. For this reason, many companies have come to view this free service as an essential item on their disaster preparation checklist.

"The AppRiver Digital Disaster Recovery Program was designed to protect business e-mail and productivity during times of natural disaster," said Michael Murdoch, CEO, AppRiver. "Because e-mail has become an integral part of doing business today, even momentary downtime can have serious consequences for an organization's bottom line. That's why businesses of all sizes should have a backup option that can maintain the continuity of e-mail during planned and unplanned downtimes."

AppRiver developed the Digital Disaster Recovery Program to meet the growing demand for e-mail continuity services by any/all states impacted by natural disasters. For more information, please visit