Log Filer and Uninstall Tool

Log Filer location: C:\Program Files\TotalDefense\Prd.LogsCollector.exe

  • File is also attached here as "LogsCollector.exe"

The Total Defense software includes a tool named “Prd.LogsCollector.exe”.

If the product is already installed, the tool can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Total Defense\Internet Security Suite\Prd.LogsCollector.exe

  • Note: For custom installations, navigate to destination folder

If the product has not yet been installed, or in case of installation issues and failures, you can download the tool from here (no credentials required):


Once installed complete the following steps:

1. Run the tool, and select the Debug Logs radio button, then click Start.


2. The tool will collect logs, this may take several minutes.


3. When finished, click Open log Folder.


4. Copy the log files package and send it to us by email.


Uninstall tool link below and attached as "TDCleaner.exe":