How to Synchronize Contacts with BB10 & Outlook Using BlackBerry Link

This procedure is applicable for BlackBerry smartphones and tablets running BlackBerry 10 or higher software versions. This includes Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, Q30, Classic, Leap, PassPort, Porsche, and similar devices.


*This does not include legacy BlackBerry devices such as the Bold, Curve, Storm, Torch  or similar devices.


The BlackBerry Priv and DTEK50 handsets run Android software and use different software for contact management.



1.  Launch BlackBerry Link software.


If not already installed, download at the following URL:



2.  Connect your BlackBerry BB10 device to your computer using a mini USB cable.


3.  Wait for the device to sync (the software will display the device name when synchronized) and click on the tab at the bottom for your device.


4.  Click on Settings (gear icon in the upper right corner).


5.  Under Synchronization > Contacts & Calendar, click Configure.


6.  Select the account to sync with your BlackBerry device from the dropdown menu.


7.  On the Settings page under Synchronization > Contacts & Calendar, click Configure next to Contact.


8.  Set up Contact Synching.


9.  In the drop downs, make your selections for Sync Direction, Conflict Direction and Folders to Sync.


To sync locally store BlackBerry contacts with exchange contacts in Outlook, make the following selections:


Sync Direction:  1-Way Sync To Your Computer

Conflict Resolution:  Always Use My Device Data


10.  Click OK.


11.  On the Settings page under Backup, click Sync Contacts/Calendar and your BlackBerry contacts will sync with your Outlook profile.