How to Configure POP or IMAP on Windows Phone 8

Before proceeding, please refer to the following article to obtain specific settings for your account:
COMMUNIGATE (AppRiver POP Email Service)
* SERVER NAME INFO: You will use the same server name for BOTH the incoming and outgoing server name. To find this name, go to the domain's DNS settings in Communigate. The server name will be either in the format of or See the screen shots below. You can also use the server name on which the domain resides (i.e., However, using the actual server name is not recommended because it is static and if the domain is ever moved to a different server, the connection will break.
Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and look for Domain Aliases.
Office 365
Log in to the Microsoft Office 365 Portal.
Go to Outlook > Settings (gear icon in the upper right corner) > Options > Account > Settings for POP or IMAP access.
On the Windows Phone 8 device, please take the following steps:
1.  Tap the right arrow icon at the bottom of the Start page.
2.  Scroll down and tap Settings.
3.  Scroll and tap Email+Accounts.
4.  Tap Add an Email Account.
5.  Tap Advanced setup.
6.  Enter your email address and password then tap Next
7.  Tap Internet email
8.  Create an Account name, enter your name, enter your server name and choose your Account type (POP or IMAP).  Your username is your email address. 
Incoming email server: (For assistance in locating your e-mail box's account settings, please see instructions at top of page.)
    Exchange: (check CP - see article referenced above)
    Communigate: (check Communigate in Domain Settings under Domain Aliases) 
    Office 365:
    Exchange: (check CP)
    Communigate: (check Communigate in Domain Settings under Domain Aliases)
    Office 365:
9.  Confirm your password, enter your Outgoing (SMTP) email server name.  Check Outgoing server requires authentication and Use the same user name and password for sending emailTap Advanced Settings.
Outgoing (SMTP) email server: (same for POP or IMAP)
     Exchange: (check CP)
     Communigate: (check Communigate in Domain Settings under Domain Aliases)
     Office 365:
NOTE: SMTP server port will default to 587. This works for most accounts. If port 587 fails you can change SMTP port to 2525 by adding :2525 to the end of the outgoing server name.
Example for server: 
10.  Tap on the remaining check boxes to Require SSL for incoming mail and Require SSL for outgoing mail (make sure all four are checked).  Choose your download frequency in Download new content and duration of mail to download in Download email from dropdown.  Tap Sign In.
The account is now set up and you can access email through the Mail app!
Problem or issue after setting up the account: Confirm the settings by taking the following steps:
1.  Tap the right arrow icon at the bottom of the Start page.
2.  Scroll down & tap Settings.
3.  Scroll and tap Email+Accounts.
4.  Tap the Internet account
5.  Verify the settings.
6.  Make any changes as needed and tap on the Check mark to save the changes.  If assistance is needed please contact your administrator or mobile support team.