How to Configure POP or IMAP on a BlackBerry OS BB10 Device

Prior to starting this procedure, obtain your account-specific information from the Customer Portal according to the following article:




1.  On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.


2.  Tap Accounts.


3.  Tap Add Account.



4.  Tap Email, Calendar and Contacts.


5.  Type the email address and tap Advanced.  On the BlackBerry Z10, it will appear as a fader icon after tapping between the email address field on the virtual keyboard.


6.  In the Advanced Setup menu, tap either POP or IMAP.


7.  Complete the required account information and settings (depending upon your selection) and tap Done.





8.  A notice may populate Provider Identity Not Available.  Tap Continue.


9.  The device will save and verify your settings.


10.  Swipe from left to right to access the BlackBerry Hub, then again to select the email account.



Outlook and other mail clients offer client side control of when to delete messages from the server (after so many days, when downloaded, when deleted on handheld or never).  However, at this time there is no option available on BlackBerry 10 devices to modify POP client settings to delete from the server.  The default behavior on BlackBerry 10 devices is to delete messages on the server when the messages are deleted from the device.