How to Configure Hosted Exchange for Windows Phone 8

To configure an Exchange account on a Windows Phone 8, do the following:
1.  Tap the right arrow icon at the bottom of the Start page.
2.  Scroll down & tap Settings.
3.  Scroll & tap Email+Accounts.
4.  Tap Add an Account.
5.  Tap Outlook.
6.  Enter your Email address and Password.  Tap Sign in.
7.  The device will attempt to retrieve the account settings automatically.  If this is successful tap Done.
8.  If it fails, the error We couldn't find your settings may appear.  After a second failed attempt, the same error will appear with additional options.  Click Advanced if prompted.
9.  Tap Exchange ActiveSync.
10.  Input the domain and server names, as well as the user name.  For Exchange accounts, refer to the following article to obtain account-specific information:
If the connection fails and autodiscover is set up correctly, try the following troubleshooting steps:
1.  Confirm the ActiveSync service has been enabled for the mailbox.
2.  Verify the user is inputting the correct password by having them log into Outlook Web Access.
3.  Confirm the device has connectivity to the Internet by opening the web browser and accessing a known page.
4.  If the device is using a wi-fi connection and has 3G/4G service, switch to the carrier's network and attempt to connect again.
5.  Confirm the inbox has not exceeded Microsoft's recommended folder item count for ActiveSync devices.
Exchange 2010: 100,000

If after trying the above steps, the device will still not connect, please contact your Administrator.
If you experience a problem or issue after setting up the account, confirm the settings by taking the following steps:
1.  Tap the right arrow icon at the bottom of the Start page.
2.  Scroll down and tap Settings.
3.  Scroll and tap Email+Accounts.
4.  Tap the Exchange account.

5.  The settings should appear as follows:
a.  Confirm Content to Sync. These settings are the same for different account types.

b.  Scroll down to confirm the username (should be full email address) and server name.

c.  Make any changes as needed and tap on the Check mark to save the changes.