Configuring Windows 10 Mobile Phone for Exchange 2013

Obtain new account settings information
1. Log into the Customer Portal using the account’s e-mail address and password.
2. Once logged in, click on the “Exchange ’13” tab at the top
3. The tab will open up to the “Settings” section. Click on the “ActiveSync” tab on the left.
4. On the following screen, note the username, domain name, and server name. This information will be needed if a manual setup is required.
Previous email accounts
If you have configured your device with your email address before, you must first remove that account from the device. If you have not previously configured your device for your email and are setting it up for the first time, please skip to the section below titled "Setting up a new account"
Removing an existing account
To delete an Exchange or other Email account on a Windows Phone take the following steps:
1. Go to settings at the top of page or in the all apps list.
 at the right of the home page.
2. Scroll down & tap Settings.
3. Tap Accounts.
4. Tap Your email and accounts.
5. Choose the existing account you want to remove and select Manage.
6. At the bottom of this screen you will see Delete Account Remove this account from your device.
7. On this screen "Confirm the correct account selected, and tap Delete at the bottom of the screen."
Setting up a new account
To setup a new exchange email account on a Windows Mobile 10 Phone take the following steps:
1. Go to settings at the top of page or in the all apps list. At the right of the home page scroll down and select settings now tap on Accounts.
2. Now Select Your email and accounts.
3. Now click on the plus sign next to Add an account.
4. Tap Exchange.
5. Enter your exchange email address and tap Next.
6. Enter your Email Password. Tap Sign in.
7. The device will attempt to retrieve the account settings automatically. If this is successful tap Done.
8. If set up process fails, the error "Something went wrong" We couldn't find info for that account. Make sure the email address is correct and then try again. To add account info manually, select Advanced. At this point go ahead and select Advanced. Once you have verified email and password is correct.
9. On this screen enter the username which is the same info that is displayed in the customer portal which should be the users email address. Also enter the Domain which is also located in the customer portal. Then tap Sign in.
10. On the next screen it will ask for the Server go ahead and input the info listed from the customer portal. Make sure the check mark next to Server requires encrypted (SSl) connection is selected. Then give it an account name and select Sign in.
11. The next screen will look like this if all the info is correct. Select Done. This process usually takes a few minutes depending on the size of the mail box it can take up to an hour to fully load.
EXCHANGE 2013 SETTINGS used in Sample
Email address: <your email address>
Password: <your email password>
Username: <your email address>
Domain: exg7.exghost.local
  • Note that the server name may appear as, depending on the geographical location of the user's mailbox server.
Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection: Yes (check the box)
**NOTE** These screenshots are just an example. Look at the ActiveSync settings in the Customer Portal for the user to determine the proper server name to be used.