BlackBerry (Email) Duplicates on BlackBerry Only with No Duplicates in Outlook or OWA

This issue is caused by (IMAP) or (POP3) mail setup and in some cases the (BIS) Forwarder.
1.  On the BlackBerry, click Desktop Icon.
Note:  There will not be any duplicate emails, because this is linked to the (BES) Server/ Exchange account. 
2.  Click Messages Icon and the duplicate emails will be displayed.
3.  Open the Email, then scroll up.   
Note:  The displayed will show Received Using: (BIS).  The exchange server, which is connected to (BES), will only display Received Using: Secure Desktop.
1.  Remove the (POP3) or (IMAP) email address from the (BIS) server that is the same as the Exchange email address.
2.  Contact the wireless carrier and have the (BIS) forwarder removed from the phone account.
3.  Remove the POP3 server setting in the Outlook configuration (leave emails on server).  These will also cause multiple duplicates.